Trashy Women: the back story

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Trashy Women: the back story

Postby lo&m on Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:40 pm

We were in L.A., and we were in a bar called the Crazy Horse, and this girl walked by that, uh was quite voluptuous and great looking, and she had her hair all piled up, and she had a leather jumpsuit with rivets and lots of studs and rivets and zippers. I just made the remark that that's the kind of girl for me. Someboday said, “Really?” and I said, “Yeah — I like my women just a little on the trashy side” and boy! all the song alarms went off. So I wrote it real quick after that.

Then they were performing it in the Famous Motel Cowboy Band that I was in in Jackson Hole, and Jerry Jeff heard it, and then he heard some other songs, and wanted me to come down here … he ended up recording three of them, including “Trashy Women,” and he had a minor hit with it in Florida. And Confederate Railroad at that time was David Allan Coe's backup band, and they heard it on the radio. And they really liked it. And afterward they told me they heard it, and they couldn't figure out what it was and the station was fading out, so they actually got on the shoulder, backed up so they could get the station again.

And then I met ’em when Jerry and David Allan Coe did a show together and they were doin’ it live and we got talkin’. And they recorded it — against their label’s objection. Hated the song, producer hated the song — everybody hated it except for the audience. On their album they had four singles that all did pretty well. And then — they weren’t going to release a fifth single, but the album wasn’t ready. The disk jockeys were just playing that anyway. So they went ahead and released it as a single — and it went through the roof. It really did phenomenally well. Yeah. They’d sold about 500,000 something albums and then in the 16 weeks that song was on the charts they sold another million … They’re nice guys too; I'm glad for ’em.
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